Daily Blog 03/01/2013

  • In the early 1890s, anarchist organisers in Manchester held regular public open-air meetings at a number of sites across the city. By the second half of 1893, particularly after complaints by a local vicar, the police became involved.

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  • Jerome Caminada was a real-life Victorian super-sleuth whose ground-breaking detective work in the notorious rookeries of 19th century Manchester earned him a place in the city’s history as the first Detective Superintendent. A poor boy from the slums with immigrant parents, he used his intimate knowledge of the criminal underworld as a powerful weapon in his fight against crime. He became one of Manchester’s most effective police officers with an extraordinary number of high profile cases to his credit. He was a master of disguise and developed ingenious methods of detection just like his fictional counterpart whose stories were being published at the height of Caminada’s career.

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