Daily Blog 05/19/2013

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  • In the United States, a farm-to-market road or ranch-to-market road (sometimes farm road or ranch road for short) is a state road or county road which traditionally served to connect rural or agricultural areas to market towns. These routes serve as a better quality road, usually a highway, which allows farmers and ranchers to transport their products to market towns and/or distribution centers.

    Specifically, in the state of Texas, the terms Farm to Market Road and Ranch to Market Road indicate roadways that are part of the state’s system of secondary and connecting routes, built and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This system was established in 1949 as a project to provide access to rural areas. The system consists primarily of paved, two-lane roads. Generally, roads found west of US 281 (or Interstate 35 in some locations) are designated Ranch to Market Roads, while those located east of US 281 are designated Farm to Market Roads, though there are exceptions to this naming system, such as RM 2588 in Henderson County in East Texas or FM 1215 in Reeves County West Texas.[1] Some segments are even expressways, including a segment of FM 1764 (the Emmett F. Lowry Expressway between Interstate 45 and Texas City, Texas).

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  • The Hawaii Clipper, originally named Hawaiian Clipper, made her maiden flight in March 1936; in May 1936, she was officially christened by Patricia Kennedy at Pearl Harbor, using a coconut instead of traditional champagne bottle:

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  • The PanAm Clippers were flying boats–passenger planes–that flew from mainland U.S. to China. Because of the Clippers’ (and all boats at that time) limited range, the Clippers hopped from island base to island base, much like a toad hopping rocks: Hawaii, Midway, Wake, Guam, Philippines, Macao, and China mainland.

    On July 28, 1938, the Hawaii Clipper took off from Guam with six passengers and nine crew. Destination: Manila.

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  • It’s a beautiful seaplane abandoned between the sea and the desert of Saudi Arabia and it’s been left there for almost 50 years. The plane is a PBY-5A Catalina, a military American seaplane from the 1930’s. It’s is located on a beach off the Strait of Tiran on the Saudi Arabia side of the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba.

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  • Sydney’s Homebush Bay is home to many a broken and forgotten ship, but at least one of those derelict boats still houses a bit of life. The SS Ayrfield, long decommissioned, has a mangrove forest growing from its corpse.

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  • Here is the second step of this facade project. Here you can see the process of making many facade details such as cornice, moldings and windows. I used 1 and 2 mm thick grey cardboard for the facade and styrene profiles for the windows.

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