Oh dear, I agree with David Blunkett

There are worse people than David Blunkett to agree with, and the scope of the agreement is very narrow.

Blunkett has taken issue with Russell Brand’s anti-voting stance, pointing out that the demographics who avoid ballots are the ones who most need to be heard. He’s right and Brand’s wrong- the young and the disaffected need to vote. However, I’d go a few steps further. It’s the three main parties who are the cynics. It’s the narrowness of the difference between them, their hypocrisy and their pandering to headlines and bigots that has put so many people off. It’s absolutely the right thing to do to protest the state of British politics by not voting for them. But don’t waste your vote by binning it, use it in one of the few ways they’ll pay attention to.

Don’t vote for one of the three main parties (or UKIP or the BNP). Vote Green*, vote Pirate, vote for the person standing on a platform that only has relevance to your constituency, whatever you do, vote. No, it won’t immediately sweep the scum out of Parliament and into the sludge of the Thames where they belong- not at the next General Election, anyway- but a surge in votes for ‘Other’ will get their attention. And then we can keep their attention with single issue campaigns and efforts to build a better society without them.

Apathy and cynicism won’t change the attitude of the political class. They almost rely on them to keep their cosy jobs. Well aimed and constructive anger, and the threat of making them irrelevant, will get their attention. Then, when they’re listening to us, we can force them to change or get out of our way.

BBC News – David Blunkett attacks 'cynicism' of Russell Brand and Will Self.

*I’ve joined the Green Party, I’m duty bound to put that suggestion first. Plus, they have better policies than the big three.