The Lost Buildings of Manchester

Every city has its lost buildings, lost to war, debt or “planning”. Manchester Confidential have dug up a few of Manchester’s.

Technically Bernard House has been described like this: ‘The building, a popular landmark in the centre of Manchester, has a unique roof which makes it a striking feature of the skyline. It is a timber structure of hyperbolic paraboloid form, comprising of a main rib element on each of the four axes of twin Glulam Beams.’ Curiously that loving description came from the demolition contractors. Did they feel guilty?

The replacement by Leslie Jones Architects brings shame on them. How could they have designed this bland, grey, sub-trading estate building for this key site? The person who came up with it should be made to run naked around Piccadilly Gardens once year as an example to other architects. What an idiot. What an example to cities of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Best of MCR…The Lost Buildings | Best of Manchester | Manchester Confidential.