Support my serialised fiction on Patreon

Seeing as I accidentally nearly created the model for it, it’s appropriate that I should turn to crowd-funding for my next writing project.

Patreon allows you to become a patron of the arts for a low entry price. Find a creator whose work you would like to support and then pledge to give them every time they reach a set milestone- every month, when a song is released or, in my case, when an instalment of the ongoing serial is released.

I’m serialising Meka, an action tale with sci-fi background (read the first scene here) and shall be releasing the first part at the end of the month, with new chapters every month (or fortnight, if a funding target is reached) after that. Feedback from readers and funders will inform the direction the tale takes and the finished story will be collected and released through Amazon and Smashwords.

You can support me at my Patreon page for as little as $1 a chapter and will be able to get selected Garth Owen and Ian Pattinson books at reduced prices (a different book every month, through Smashwords).