Where To Buy My Stuff

I thought it would be a good idea to collect together a list of the various places you can find my creations, so you can see all the cool things I’ve created, and buy loads of them.


The obvious place to start. Under my own name, I’m selling on Amazon and Smashwords. These are the two shops I upload to directly, but Smashwords also distributes them to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. They’re also available from Apple iBooks, but I can’t link directly to my books, I think you’ll need an account to search for me. Do a search on your favourite ebook shop, and you’ll probably find mne. If your local library gets their ebooks through a service called Overdrive, you can borrow my books from them.

As Garth Owen, I’m on Amazon and Smashwords. And, of course, there’s also Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. They’re also on Apple iBooks, and others. He’s on Overdriveas well.


If you’d like to help keep my cash flow level as I create the stuff you love, then you can support me on Patreon. Patrons at the basic level ($1 a month) get to see my current work-in-progress as it develops. There are also $2.50 and $20 a month levels. $2.50 gets you early access to the comic I’m working on, and ebooks when they’re published. $20 supporters will get signed paperbacks. The more support I can get, the more time I can give to the projects, and supporters will get more stuff, faster.

Art, Design, and Photos

I use Redbubble to sell my designs and photographs printed on clothes, cards, and more.

Hand made and physical items are available from my Zibbet shop, which includes cool vintage stuff I’ve found, as well as my own creations.

My 3D designs, mostly modelling components, can be ordered from Shapeways. I started out creating bits I needed for my own and my father’s projects, but I’m expanding the range now based upon input from other modellers. If you have something particular you’d like to see built, drop me a line on the site.

Vintage and Collectible

Zibbet isn’t the only place where I sell interesting old stuff. I’ve got several listings for old postcards and other cool stuff on Delcampe. The front page of my shop could be better laid out, but it’s a good auction site once you get into it.