Daily archives: November 14, 2002

Michael Moore is in London to promote Stupid White Men and Bowling for Columbine and opening up to the Guardian.

The guy has been one of my heroes since I discovered TV Nation. He explains why that series isn’t going to return and how, rather than becoming complacent, success allows him to be more radical-

But, he says, the money is about more than status. He leans close. “Back home we call it fuck-you money. OK? What that means is, the distributor of the film can’t ever say to me, ‘Don’t you dare say this in the interview or you better change that in the movie because if you don’t, you’re not going to get another movie deal.’ Because I already have my home and my family taken care of, and enough money from this film and book to make the next film, I’m able to say, ‘Fuck you.’ No one in authority can hold money over me to get me to conform.”

I need some fuck-you money, where do I apply for fuck-you money?