Apparently,the British aren’t funny any more. I have to take issue with the columnist on a few things.

-Not even an article slamming British comedy is allowed to tell the truth about The Office- that it just isn’t funny. So unfunny, in fact, that it is actually offensive. The only person I ever met who liked The Office is the subject of well deserved international mockery.

-90% of everything is crap. For every Black Adder there are a few ‘Allo ‘Allo’s. There will always be popular comedies that are appalling and brilliant comedies that are overlooked. The great thing about nostalgia is that you get to remember the bits you liked and approved of and edit out the dross.

-There is a British comedy series that is everything the columnist wants, but she chose to ignore it- Coupling. Coupling’s primary purpose is to be funny. It doesn’t have any ludicrous ‘sit’ which can only provide jokes for half an episode, it is about the silliness of everyday life amplified into hilarity. The writer isn’t afraid to experiment either, with episodes in split screen or replaying conversations from different viewpoints. It slips below the radar of most reviewers, who are too busy lauding ‘clever’ rubbish like The Office to see something that is intelligent and, first and foremost, absolutely hilarious.

Coupling- Series 1, Series 2