Another day.

Even though we all love to mock the infamous GW Bush, the states right now is in a grip of Trent Lott fever. For those of you who don’t know the name, Trent Lott is the Senate majority leader for the Republicans and is a complete right wing fanatic who advocates the needs of the very rich over everyone else. His claim to fame recently is during leaving party for outgoing Senator Strom Thurmond, he said if Strom would have won the presidency in 1948 on a segrationist platform, the country would have been much better off.

The story has become huge at home and it looks as though my favourite man to hate is finally going to see his last day. He was even desperate enough to appear on Black Entertainment Television (BET) last night to explain how his remarks have been misinterrepted. What a relief. It might not be as good as removing GW, but it is a huge coup that will go down in history, as Trent is currently one of the most powerful men in politics.

On a side note to Ian’s post regarding Seattle hempfest, I was there in 1995! It takes place in a former gasworks converted into a public park and is a success every year although it must be noted the police don’t care for it….My favourite memory, no comments from the peanut gallery please, is having a joint rolling competition all through the night with 2 kilos of sponser ganja in a makeshift tent with 10 other peace loving hippies, err, I mean deadheads. The jays were thrown out to the crowd throughout the Sunday. I didn’t win the contest per say, but came in first at girls house with 25 spliffs and a huge buzz! The joy of youth. The next weekend was Bumbershoot festival, where I watched Courtney Love take her you-know-whats out and shout to the crowd, “This is what you really came to see”. Err, no Courtney we didn’t and it wasn’t impressive.