1988pw (pre web)

Ian God bless you are finally safe and home in the Lakes! I will see you on the other side.

So once more I will spout useless artifacts from the web. I have found the Lord and he is resting on emulation sites. Before all this hab-dashery of the web junk there was true dial-up!!!! No, I pledge, it was devoted to useless children of an ungodly age, read fifteen, a place online where all the hearts where content!

Anyone remember Telnet and it’s god-awful approach to BBS’ing and long distance phone calls. I need more RBBS-PC in my life without the price of phone calls. Beejeebus, get me some 1200bps modems and a x286 box running a 40meg drive and I will be happy. Things are much too complicated in the internet land.

On a serious note, before Blogger, geeks had the right to customise their gear and try to get the most hits via the old fashioned telephone.

Can anyone name me one of the best online games from the 1989 days? I thought not……..Just a quick challenge – Send me five and I will send you an Edinburgh Scotland Fringe Festival T-Shirt. No cheating over the old google, as a few of us old dogs remember our day.