Because of various problems relating to changing of the servers on site, I =

only have intermittent internet (intermittnet?) So I thought I’d try the =

posting by e-mail thing again. No links this time though, because I think =

that’s where the problem came from last time.

It’s sad when one of the best excuses for turning up to work is the =

exercise from the ride in, but that’s one of the few things Steph and I =

could come up with on Saturday. And another thing, I’ve been here for =

nearly four months and they still won’t let me talk to the nurses, or the =

cute doctors (and I work right beside the brand new Education and Resource =

Centre so I get to see the cute doctors coming and going). There are more =

managers than medical staff, I think it’s a hangover from the bad old days =

of the internal market and they just don’t have the heart to let them go.

Edit: Sent at noon, arrived an hour later. I think I’ll leave those line break = signs in for posterity