Mr. Frost = Sound Advice

Unfortunately I have stuck by this bad decision due to idiocy and complete need for closure on the matter. BT will always suck, but hey, I am just countless of millions (dare I say if they are in the network boundries) of consumers stupid enough to committ to the largest provider out there. Brain replacement follows after pectoral implants…

In other news, I haven’t paid attention to the war on Iraq in 2 days and it feels mighty good.

Mr. Frost, please email me regarding ASP and FrontPage Server connections if you know anything about.

In other news, the SUA is on a broadbandnone sabatical to find out how real websites work. This may take two years.

Also, a grand hoopy towel day approaches on the 25th of May. Anyone up for a bit of hoopy nutrient gargle blasters?