Anything but the obvious subject

Whatever I do, I don’t want to post my first thoughts on every bit of war news. Weblogs are supposedly an unmoderated medium, but I’m taking the blue pen to my thoughts and conversations on operation Iraqi Flatten. Humour in this house runs quite close to pitch black at the moment, if I transcribed our conversations to the web I’d run the risk of death threats and mega flames from irony free warmongers (I’d just say Americans, but we have our share on this side of the Atlantic.) There are quite enough people wailing about every little thing, and many more with the time and bandwidth to give an overview of the news. What the world needs now is the occasional lightweight post- like baby pictures and hairy guts. When they start MOABing Baghdad I promise to get very drunk and wiffle on about my crushes again.

Having said which-

When I was in the newsagents I noticed the Daily Record’s front page, displaying a shot of a dead US serviceman above a story screaming about how evil the Iraqis are to show just such pictures. (Story here, with a small image of the front page. Contact the news editor here. Though they’re not the only ones.)

The bomb videos have come out. Considering so many sorties have been flown it’s always dubious that they have such a limited number of direct hits to show us.