More random war

I just had an hour and a half of war coverage. Today’s Coalition casualties seem to have all been caused by Americans, with a RAF plane downed by a Patriot and a marine going postal at 101st airborne’s camp. Flipping through the various channels- the same view from Umm Qasr on all of them; ITV News has the world’s campest war reporter; Fox commentators claimed that the British commander in the port was playing to the cameras, then immediately complained that they hadn’t seen shots of the explosions (they did seem to be making a big deal of the fact that the commander was British, probably don’t like criticising good old Yank colonels); the woman at the Pentagon briefing has the worst fashion sense imaginable (pink and khaki panelled jacket over a light blue turtle neck!) and we’re not entirely sure s/he isn’t a transvestite [if Ashcroft ever finds out he’ll have hir covered with a sheet].