Daily archives: May 20, 2003

Everyone else is linking to it, so I will too

Top of the Popdex is this article in the New York Times about the weird relationship bloggers can develop with their friends and subjects. Mum will occasionally stop part way through telephone conversation and say that she won’t say any more because she doesn’t want to be quoted and I have drunk-blogged a few things I’ve later been called on. But it’s all fun, and I genuinely am too nice to diss anyone unless they really do deserve it- by which point they probably aren’t being talked to anyway. It’s also a good source of dramatic fodder for Post & Publish, when I finally stop staring at a blank page/ screen and get around to writing it.

Bad Minion

Dave wants to branch out from his minioning and become an evil sidekick. I feel the need to remind him that, no matter how badly treated they are, the mortality rate for minions is far lower than it is for sidekicks.

Though I do need someone to test the shark pool I’m having built.

Dave, be a good minion and just stand on that trap door there would you? Very good, have a steak. Yes, I know it’s still raw.


Heavensent- Chapter 9, Part 14

Ec and Mid treaded softly, testing the forest floor at every footfall. The flanking squad of soldiers they sought were nowhere near as careful, and could be heard before they were seen. The pair found a clearing of storm felled trees. They skirted the edge and planted themselves behind larger trunks. Between them they could cover the open area with crossing arcs of fire and cut down anyone in the clearing.

The squad grew closer. Ec held up a hand, splaying the fingers. He closed the hand and opened it again, thumb and one finger folded into his palm. Mid nodded. He nestled back against the tree trunk, checked the magazine on his autogun and waited.

They came through two abreast. Ec and Mid allowed the squad most of the way across the clearing, to check their initial estimate of eight was right, then stood and opened fire.

Four soldiers dropped immediately. Two dived for cover, Ec aimed for them. Mid turned toward the remaining two, standing to fire from the shoulder. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He braced the autogun against his thigh and pulled the cocking handle to eject the misfiring round. It was too late, the nearest of his two targets had his gun up and was firing from the hip.

Mid was hit three times. He slumped back against the tree trunk. Ec turned and empted the last of his magazine at the two soldiers. He ducked back down, changing magazines and cocking the autogun in quick fluid movements. When he stood again the clearing was silent. There was movement, one of the squad trying to pull himself under cover. Ec fired a three shot burst and the movement stopped. He checked back in the direction the squad had come from. There was no movement or sound.

Mid was dead. Ec made the sign of the cross over him, collected up his ammunition and headed back across the clearing, moving from body to body. One of the squad had a satchel of trip grenades. Ec jammed the spikes of a couple between the tree roots by the most obvious exits and stretched the wires across the gaps. He glanced across the clearing once more, then headed for the ravine.

From The Metro…

Todays Metro (page 7)…

Anything but the Sesame St tape!

IRAQI captives in Baghdad are being made to talk by repeat playings of the Sesame Street theme tune. Can you Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street, as well as heavy-metal music, is proving an effective interrogation aid, say US officials. ‘These people haven’t heard this before,’ said Sgt Mark Hadsell. ‘They can’t take it.’