Snake Oil

Damian has come up with a Blogshares related marketing ploy. He has gifted me 50 Movable Type shares to be distributed as I see fit. His plan is one each to a selection of players, who, hopefully, shall repay the kindness with a mention for the world’s funnest blog.

I think it’s only right that I also stick blogs I have stock in into my BlogRoll, cause I’m sure that’ll up the value. I was going to start a separate StockRoll, but I’d have to sign up for BlogRoll Gold to get another roll going on, so that’s been put off for a while.

Other plans involve some research into includes and requires in PHP to see if I can cut the front page down into smaller processing chunks so that things start appearing on your screen faster (Penny keeps complaining that she can’t get Spinneyhead at work and it crashes Explorer, I’m guessing because it times out.)

But first I have to go and watch Buffy.