Wish list

I’m updating my Amazon wishlist. If you’re feeling generous, please send me one of the items listed. If you’re not that rich, then how about dropping a few pennies in the tip jar. I’d like Spinneyhead to pay for itself, covering hosting fees and subscriptions to Blogger Pro etc., and maybe one day take the whole photos section completely digital (thanks to Damian for giving me his old digital camera. I’m going to take a few test photos with it later today.)

Whilst I’m at Amazon, I would like to recommend Interface by ‘Stephen Bury’ (actually Neal Stephenson and Frederick George working together), which the system recommended to me, but I’ve already got. It’s a neat story about political manipulation and the power of the focus group taken too far as a medical chip in a Presidentail candidate’s brain- put there to help him recover from a stroke- is used to manipulate his actions on the election trail. It’s a prescient satire on Wubble U (except that the candidate being manipulated is a decent and intelligent man who is appalled when he discovers what’s going on.) I’ve stolen the chip- in- the- head idea for my Union Jack proposal, to be used in a slightly different way.