Daily archives: June 24, 2003


As recommended, I’ve gone back to the good old ‘scribbles on a Post-It’ method of plotting to flesh out Post & Publish. Chapter titles I’ve scribbled one sentence plots for (though not necessarily in the order they’ll appear)-

Stupid Girl– first draft here.

The Album Rule

Must Not Mention Sheep

Birthday Girl

Work/ Life Balance

Musical Relationships (alternate titles Separate Tables or Venn)


Lazy Sunday Afternoons



At Sellafield they had problems with the seagulls, to the extent that if they shat on you you had to go and check that the poop wasn’t radioactive. Allegedly, truly vindictive types would throw sandwiches into open cabriolets so the upholstery would get coated.

Dounreay has most of its low level waste buried in bunkers, so it’s hard for wildlife to get at it. Except for the rabbits seen burrowing through the pit caps, of course.

There was supposed to be a Kaboom…

In 1964 the US government decided to find out how easy is it to build an a-bomb. They set two physics PhDs the task of designing an atomic bomb with no prior experience or access to classified research. After 30 months they had a design for an implosion type bomb (not the simple cannon type) that military scientists confirmed would work and had about the same yield as the Hiroshima bomb. It turns out that it is complicated enough that a school kid can’t do it but there’s nothing a physics post grad couldn’t handle.