Daily archives: September 5, 2003

Deep Pan

Spinneyhead has become a stopping off point for people looking for video of the Brian Wells (pizza delivery guy) collar bomb. Sick, sick people. But whilst you’re here, have an update-

Wells was also carrying a cane gun, which is exactly what it says on the tin- a gun within a cane/ walking stick. Very odd.

Wells’ relatives are maintaining his innocence, which is to be expected. Though the cane gun does add a wrinkle to the mystery, I can’t see any criminal, outside TV or the movies, willingly strapping live explosives to himself.


Whilst searching for information on cane guns I came across this. “Cane is made of Curly Maple and ends in a Horn tip. The handle has a 1.5″ by 1″ Ivory Cap carved in the shape of a Penis. Cane its self would date from the early 1900s. Do not know when the Ivory Penis was added.”

Yours for a paltry $450.