Daily archives: February 23, 2004


Firefly was Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s take on the space opera. It was significantly different to the Trek/ Bab 5 axis of sci-fi, which was probably part of its problem. Whilst Buffy practically created its own sub genre, Firefly was entering a crowded field. It was cancelled after 12 episodes.

However, it looks like a film version will start shooting this May.

Damn Statistics

I should be doing coursework, but got distracted by Amazon statistics.

The most clicked through item is Another Education and Ruby Red, my own print-on-demand tome, which has generated one order. You can get it direct as an Acrobat file for pennies if you want to assess the literary merit before doling out too much cash.

Second is Bring It On by Gomez, an excellent album.

Third- Northern Soul Memories Vol. 1, which I haven’t listened to in ages. Must dig it out.

Fourth- Hello Rockview/ Losing Streak by Less Than Jake.

Fifth- Dead Ringer by Meatloaf

Best selling of all my referals is Dude, Where’s My Country?

In the period I’m looking at 41 items have been ordered and only 37 dispatched. Obviously I now have to print out both lists and find out where the discrepancy lies.