Google Challenge- Sleep Deprivation

The first sensible suggestion for my challenge was sleep deprivation, so here goes. All links were found within a few clicks of the first three pages of Google results for the search.

Symptoms and causes of sleep deprivation. It can have similar effects to drink or drugs, with the brain’s functions visibly changing. Worried yet? Take this test to see how badly afflicted you are.

The flashing lights in video games can knock your circadian rhythms out of sync, resulting in sleeping later, drowsiness etc.

How to deal with sleep deprivation on the high seas. Don’t mess with your circadian genes- it’ll kill you. How a teacher can tell if their pupils are sleep deprived. It’s important you spot the symptoms because sleep deprivation can make teenagers even more depressed and moody.

(Bonus section. I got two other suggestions last week so- How to attach soffits. Where to get California redwood soffits. And Pro Series Vinyl Soffits.

Canadian Beavers. All about Beavers. The Oregon State University Beavers. Angry Beavers. Bare-Beavers (Not Safe For Work, natch) And, from yesterday, Mary and her beaver (also NSFW))

Post suggestions for next Friday’s challenge in the comments.