Daily archives: July 6, 2004

Before that they put up a bowling alley, On the site that used to be the local Pally

The Odeon cinema on Oxford Street, which has been showing films since 1930, could be facing closure. It’s not the best outfitted of Manchester’s city centre cinemas, but I’ve been visiting it for years. I used to take advantage of the cheap Monday deals in much the same way we’re using Orange Wednesday’s nowadays- to see films that I would never pay full price for. I guess it’s losing out over parking as well as in the facilities battle.

Just down the road, the Laser Quest on Whitworth Street West has been fined for electrical faults in its equipment. LQ was popular with Team Spinneyhead members, particularly Daz, in years gone by. Perhaps the team should get together some day and brave electrocution to shoot schoolkids.

(Come Dancing, The Kinks)

Cow Punching

The bovine terrorists have started attacking two year olds. Fearing for my safety, I headed off to get the Wythenshawe and Airport Moos. The shiney new Forum is very impressive, but if it needs to have the lights on on a day as bright as this then there’s something wrong.

I’ve never actually flown out of Manchester Airport, only gone to drop people off and pick them up. And I’ve only ever gone there via the M56, so I got lost trying to cycle from Wythenshawe to Ringway. But it was a nice kind of lost, particularly on a day this sunny. I managed to get six of the seven cows, Alphadite is airside and I really didn’t want to piss off Police with guns. If anyone’s flying out of Manchester before September can they try to get me a picture please.

And then I went to pay homage to Concorde, seeing as I was in the area. I also found the cutest little Vampire. I think I want one.

It was the CIA wot done it

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence says that the CIA knew before the war with Iraq that there were no WMDs (or at least had enough information to assume it was a possibility) but didn’t pass this on to the President. I’m sensing a whitewash here, and I doubt Wubble U would have paid any attention if he had been told.

New York Times, may require registration.