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A “Personal Wind Generator” that can save up to 30% of a household’s annual electricity bill. There are grants available to pay for them as well. A wind turbine, even a small one, is quite high visibility. I don’t think it would be an option for a rural location like Mum and Dad’s Eco House (but don’t quote me on that, I’m not designing it), but I imagine they could work well in the urbs and suburbs.

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The Pope must die

Did Hitler plan to have the then Pope, Pius XII, kidnapped and whisked away to a German castle so that a new religion could be formed with Adolf worshipped as the saviour of mankind? That’s what recently released documents suggest, but others hint that they have come out at just the right time to distract from reports of Pius’ attitude to the Jews during and after the war.

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Kill your .tv

Tuvalu continues to disappear under rising seas and, despite UN meetings about the problems of island nations, few industrial countries are willing to accept it’s due to global warming and greenhouse gasses.

“My memory is going as a little boy to visit my aunts on this beautiful island, with three houses and kitchens. Twenty-five people lived there,” he said. “Now of course those houses have all gone. It’s just sand.”

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