Queerest of the Queer

I’ve ridiculed wrestling before and it’s time to do it again. Most of Canal Street would mock WWE “sports entertainers” for dressing too camp, but the fans and the wrestlers generally can’t see the homoeroticism of oiled up perfect young men grappling each other whilst half naked. I think The Rock gets it, and his self mocking role in Be Cool plays to it, but he’s one of the few.

Jim Hellwig, now officially known as Warrior was one of these wrestling clones during the 1990s. Lacking the acting ability (!!??) of Hulk Hogan or the political ability of Jesse Ventura, he had to cast about for a career when the WCW collapsed, and chose to become Ranty the Right Wing Arsehole(tm). A recent appearance organised by College Republicans has brought him to the American public’s attention again after he was videoed making stupid proclamations such as “Queering don’t make the world work!

It was fairly obvious what I had to do- old wrestling footage, a snippet of a Garbage song and one of the other stupid things he said later- warrior.avi (1.8mB)

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