Staying Current

Bring up the subject of banking and you’ll quickly hear me moan about how shit NatWest are. Not so much the charges and other bullshit, because I expect those from any bank, but the repetitive incompetence that’s seen me in negative feedback cycles of ever increasing charges and overdraft. I’m changing bank sooner or later and the Cooperative has been at the top of my list of potential new homes for my cash for a while.

Hippyshopper draws attention to the Coop’s Privilege account, which is full of special offers designed to warm the Green heart. As with all premium accounts, you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Money off Ecotricity electricity is tempting, and an incentive to switch, but travel insurance deals aren’t much use to me at the moment. And there’s a charge, of course. Discounting the other benefits the interest rate on the account means you have to maintain a balance of over 5 grand to cover the expense of the account. If I had that much money to sit in a bank account I’d find one where it worked for me.

The Coop is still top of my list for my next current account, but I don’t want their Privilege account for the time being.

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