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wherefore art thou quark

I have quark express 5 on my machine at work but for various reasons i’m hardly ever allowed to use it. Sometimes i’ll have to use publisher, usually because another department also has it. Publisher is the boy band of desk top publishing compared to quark’s singer/songwriter/musician. It looks prettier but under the surface can’t do half the things competently let alone well.
Most often, however, i have to use word to do layouts. When that happens i begin sounding like an x rated muttley, muttering obscenities and cursing everything that has ever originated in redmond.
I demand quark and the right to use it for everything!

as promised, sculpture

as promised, sculpture
as promised, sculpture,
originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I’m not sure what it’s called and have even less of a clue what it represents. But it’s quite a civilised thing to look at over a tuna mayo sandwich.

There’s something about drawing tables in illustrator that brings out the anal perfectionist in me. It used to be the same with reports in access, endless fascinated hours nudging lines about by fractions of a millimetre. I’m trying to distance myself from work involving databases now, if only because i seem to work for a lower class of boss when i get them. Besides, anal attention to how something looks is more appropriate to a graphics related job.


With thanks to Stephen Newton my Blogger inflicted formatting woes have been partially fixed. IE, at least, now doesn’t show huge whitespace after the first post (on my computer anyway, contact me if it’s still screwed on yours).

Update Blogger are responding to the problem, sort of.

(I promise I’ll go over to WordPress one day. But if I want to port across all of the archives I’ll have to wait until Blogger is sufficiently fixed to be able to update all my archives without crashing………)

live from whitworth park

If this works i’m back in the moblog game. My shiny new phone definitely sends email, it’s up to blogger to publish it in a timely manner.
It’s a glorious day, but i’ve got to go back to an office where i can’t appreciate it. The two little windows let in some sunlight, but the far end of the office is dark if i turn all three banks of lights off. I turned off the set nearest the window and was promptly told off. You’d think the nhs would appreciate me trying to save electric and avoid sick building syndrome!
I’ll try to set up emailing to flickr tonight and send you a picture of one of the sculptures outside whitworth art gallery tomorrow.

Smart Appliances

The US’ Department of Energy is investigating add-ons to household appliances that can detect disruption in the power supply and temporarily turn themselves off. If enough were deployed they could significantly lower peak loads and cut down brown- and black-outs. Of course, it would be more intelligent to buy energy efficient appliances and lower overall consumption, but this helps as well.

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