Garden of Delights

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Spinneyhead gallery for June, with Garden of Delights pictures

According to the organisers– “The Garden of Delights is a ‘weekend-long pleasure garden for the 21st century!’ that takes place every summer at the start of June. It attracts thousands of families, students and young singles to Platt Fields Park in South Manchester for a highly enjoyable mix of visual installations, entertainment and natural surroundings. The overall atmosphere generated is one of inclusiveness, multi-culturalism, healthy eating/drinking, fresh air and non-stop delights. Our slogan for the event is “all ages, all cultures, all weekend”.”

I went to last year’s, and you can see the pictures in the June 2004 gallery, along with a load of shots from the Cow Parade. If all goes to plan there will be a Garden of Delights every year until 2010, which will mark the centenary of Platt Fields Park. I’m seriously thinking about putting something together for next year’s show.