Daily archives: November 8, 2005

All mouth and no recycling

Parliament, not so much teh people as the building itself, is an example of bad environmental behaviour, according to Liberal Democrat environment spokesman Norman Baker.

Water consumption was up by 58% since 1997, electricity by 45% and gas consumption by 34%, he added.

The total amount of electricity used in the last financial year available (2002-03) was enough to supply more than 5,000 households – equivalent to a town the size of Newhaven, East Sussex, which is in Mr Baker’s Lewes constituency.

Since 1997, water usage had risen by enough to fill 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools, run 875,000 baths, take 2,800,000 five-minute showers, or leave the tap on for 13 years.

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China plans "eco-cities"

And they’re going to be designed by British architects. Arup is likely to sign a deal to work on up to four of the planned eco-cities whilst the Chinese premier is in the UK. As China is probably the fastest growing economy in the world the cities should be a major investment for the future.

[Arup director in charge of the first eco-city, Peter]Head said: ‘It is part of a new awareness of the environment by the Chinese government. They realise that with their growing population and economy they have to overcome the problems of environmental pollution and resource depletion.’

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Hamsterley Forest

just come back from riding a little place called hamsterley forest up in County Durham near where my parents live. Theres quite a good little set up they got there with a few downhill tracks and a newly built four cross track. On weekends they also do uplifts for those of us who are too lazy to ride or even push back to the top of the hill. but if Downhill or 4X aint ya cuppa tea the forest also has some amazing cross country trails i remember doing when i was younger (and fitter). For anyone who is interested in checkin out the downhill at hamsterley check descend’s website; http://www.descendhamsterley.co.uk .