Daily archives: January 4, 2006

WiFi Manchester

Wi-Fi operator The Cloud and BT are teaming up to bring wireless “clouds” to nine UK cities including Manchester.

Discreet Wi-Fi boxes will be fitted in around 500 BT payphones across Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Liverpool and Manchetester, creating a ‘cloud’ of coverage.

Users will be able to buy access to access to the web over their mobile phones, as long as they are underneath the cloud.

Many pubs, clubs and train stations are already in Wi-Fi hotspots – but this is the first time anyone has attempted to bring wireless broadband to an urban area on such a wide scale.

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back to the breadline

From today, and for the foreseeable future, my job at the coop goes to being a one or two day a week affair. I’ve been expecting the change for a while, but i’m still not sure what to do about it.
It does give me an opportunity to go looking for other part time work and dedicate more time to my writing and blogging projects, but it also means a sharp drop in income. At least this time my down shifting has more of a structure to it and i have a bit of a safety net.


Xcite is a shop in the MMORPG Second Life where players can buy new and improved genitalia for their avatars. MMOrgy has an interview with its owner.

Javier Puff: It really started back in July when I first joined Second Life. A friend helped me out as a noob, taking me shopping, getting me a decent skin, etc. This is common in Second Life as you know. They also gave me an old set of genitals they had. Suffice to say I was disappointed with it. So one day I set out to build my own and the response was terrific.

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