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Open Music Archive initiated by Eileen Simpson & Ben White, is a collaborative project to source, digitise, and distribute out of copyright music recordings.

Open Music Archive Projects is a forum for projects using material from the archive. Use this wiki to post feedback, suggestions or project ideas.

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"If you believe in Mr Flibble, it's made by Mr Flibble as well."

Mr Flibble is very angry.

Okay, so Tony didn’t do a Dubya and say that God told him to invade Iraq. But do you really want the country to be run by a man who’s decisions are influenced by what he thinks his invisible friend will make of them?

Michael: But you mention there, I mean the Prime Minister, the commander in chief, has the ultimate say about the nation going to war and that’s the most serious decision you can take in any event. I mean you’ve been called a liar and a warmonger and all that sort of thing, what’s your feeling, your attitude when you read that? And also too when you read of casualties and people blame you for those casualties, I mean that’s a terrible, awful thing to live with and I wondered how you coped with it.

Tony: Because the King of the Potato People won’t let me. I begged him. I got down on my knees and wept.

Michael: Of course.

Tony: I was just doing a little test — a little test to see if you had gone crazy. CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s crazy people.

Michael: And you sent them there.

Tony: You don’t think there’s anything amiss? I’m sitting here wearing a red and white checked gingham dress and army boots and you think that’s un-amiss?

Michael: Sorry, what do you mean by that?

Tony: I mean by other people, by, if you believe in God it’s meant by God as well and that judgement in the end has to be, you know when you are faced with a decision like that and some of those decisions have been very very difficult, as I say most of all because you know there are people’s lives, this is not just a matter of a policy here of a thing there, but their lives and in some cases their death. The only way you can take a decision like that is to try to do the right thing according to your conscience. And for the rest of it as I say you leave to the judgement that history will make.

Michael: So you pray to God when you make a decision like that?

Tony: You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People.

(Red Dwarf: Season Five- Quarantine)

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