Heavensent 2.6

“I heard that morals in the Air Army were quite lax.”

“Only since we let women in.” Reed stroked the fabric of six’s tailplane. It had been patched up after catching the only flak of the whole mission.

“Did you sleep with your last bombardier?” Jay asked.

“Serena?” The smile said it all. “It is not a requirement of the post.”

“I had promised myself to a boy back home. It was allowed for him to join the infantry and go prossing around the barracks, but as soon as I joined the Air Army he called it off. We are immoral, it would seem.”

Reed laid his arm across Jay’s shoulders and walked with her toward the barracks. “There were women who said they would promise to me. I never heard from them after I transferred here. If no-one out in the world, going about the little lives we shall soon be protecting, is willing to have me then I will take my pleasure on base. If it is offered to me.” They had arrived at Reed’s hut. He gestured inside.

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