Heavensent 11.7

“You are not one of the ones who found this mysterious ship are you.” Jayn was getting used to the way the tale was being told.

“No. That was seven generations ago. Seven generations before we set out, at least. Our journey will have taken another two or three.”

“This giant space ship. Was it one of the ‘Seeds’ that didn’t leave the solar system?”

“It was. They stripped it of technology and learnt everything they could from it. Thousands of years had passed from the days when Earth’s civilisation collapsed. They learnt all about the water wars, the resource wars and finally the space wars. There were other Rocks in the asteroid belt, and they joined forces. Explored all the other planets and found survivors on them as well. It was a bit easier to survive in a dome on a planet’s surface than in a cave cut in some piece of rock.

“Eventually, they decided they had to go back to Earth, to see what had become of the civilisation that had stranded their forefathers out in space millennia before.”

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