More wrong wedding presents- pole dancing

Peekaboo pole dancing pole

Further to the things not to put on a wedding wishlist from Amazon, here’s another gift idea.

Pole dancing is great exercise, which is obviously the only reason you would buy the Kitten-Kit Pole Dancing Pole (aff). There are three sizes of pole to choose from, based upon your ceiling height rather than anything else. To set the pole up you need to find a joist (a stud finder is recommended, and always useful for innuendo afterwards) and attach the chrome socket. The rest of the pole kit folds away for storage or removal when your parents are visiting.

If you rent, or want to take your pole on the road, the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Pole (aff) might be more your style. Again you’ll have to find a joist to brace against and this one won’t allow more extreme manoeuvres, but it’s cheaper and more portable.

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