Daily archives: October 8, 2006

A career in composting

Councils across the country are reruiting people to work on recycling schemes. One such job is that of community composting officer for East Riding Council. The Mail on Sunday, reactionary to the end, feel that this should be mocked for some reason. They go on about the terrible cost, implying that it would be better spent on teachers and such like, ignoring or oblivious to the fact that well run recycling schemes will save the councils more than they’re spending on the people running them.

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Under the veil

Erotic Islamic Calendar Girls by Max Emadi. I did a quick search this morning, and was quite surprised that this was the only example I could find, especially as the West has been eroticising (or worse) Allah’s ladies for years (haven’t read the whole article yet).

I also found a piece on the Dance of the Seven Veils and the true story of Salome.

This post has been of no use as far as the whole veil issue goes, unless I can defuse it by linking to pictures of nearly naked chicks.

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