Daily archives: October 18, 2006

More first drafts

Coming soon will be a blogspot blog just for the first drafts of all the stuff I’m writing at the moment. They’ll still be published here, this new clog will be all fiction all the time.

The idea is to elicit feedback and pan for donations, as well as making the stories easier for editors to find.

I’m scribbling stuff down faster than I can type it up at the moment. I’ve finished the crime story, working title So Much To Answer For, and it’s going to come in between 12000 and 15000 words, which is novella length. I think it needs a bit more middle and more peril, but I’ll decide how much based upon comments.

The Boyfriend Season idea has inspired me. Bouncing off it I’ve started on a first person piece that may form the basis for the restarted Post & Publish. It’s also an experiment in how little I need to say to paint in a setting without making it so minimalist only I know what the narrator is talking about. You won’t get to see how well I’ve done until after I’ve published So Much To Answer For. I think it’ll be worth the wait.

Now I must get back to scribbling. I think I know what the punchline’s going to be.