Beer Artist

I have become the Beer Fest’s artist in residence. It’s a role I’ve sort of grown into since first doing custom posters in 2004. Last night I found myself wandering around with a pad, several pens and a sign on my chest saying “This man will draw anything for you for 50p”. People were genuinely enthusiastic to have a Spinneyhead original (it must have been the booze) and I must have taken twenty or thirty pounds.

Naturally, every picture had the spinneyhead url on it. So if you’re visiting because you found a piece of paper with a magic marker portrait of you and a few friends and you can’t remember how you got it, welcome. I was the devastatingly handsome artist guy, and I’d like to thank you for your patronage. If you can scan or photograph the image and send a copy on to me for the gallery I’d much appreciate it. And if you’re one of the Heidis and would like to pop around in costume I’d appreciate it even more.

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