The bitter taste of climate change.

As if things couldn’t get worse- climate change is set to reduce the quantity and quality of beer. Warming and changing seasons and precipitation patterns mean a reduction in the hops harvest, with flowers containing less of the alpha acids that give the flavour.

We Experimented With Powdered Alcohol So You Don’t Have To | WIRED

Do safety concerns around powdered alcohol have any base in reality?

Powdered alcohol is a thing. Don’t know if it will ever be available in the UK. In the US, where it’s not on sale yet, there’s already a huge moral panic over it. Wired had one mad person mix up a home made version to see if there was any basis to the fears.

Result? Of course there wasn’t.

Source: We Experimented With Powdered Alcohol So You Don’t Have To | WIRED

The White House brew house

Barack Obama has started brewing beer in The White House kitchens. There have been so many requests that they’ve now published the recipes, which utilise honey from the first beehives on the White House’s lawns.

Mitt Romney would just buy a brewery, and then have them change their recipe to the blandest, most insipid bilge possible.

via BoingBoing


I am, eventually, going to Interrail around Europe. I’ve been promising myself this for the last few years. It’s already looking like this isn’t the year I’ll do it, though it should be the one where I start putting aside the money to fund it.

In the mean time, I’ll keep adding places to the list of locations to visit. Such as Bierwelt, profiled today on BoingBoing, a Bavarian beer-centric theme park. The park is 90 kilometres from Munich and can be reached by train. The fact that it involves beer automatically puts it near the top of the (as yet unstarted if I’m honest) list.

Bierwelt website.

Break out the oxygenated booze

Oxygenated alcohol can help drinkers sober up faster and reduce their hangover in the morning. Korean scientists tested the effects of booze given a fizz with oxygen rather than carbon dioxide and found these rather happy facts. As the report says, there’s no information on how oxygenation affects the flavour of the booze. If it ended up tasting like Thunderbird then you’re just swapping pain after the drink for pain during it.

Canine testicles, as requested

Dog’s Bollocks is selling well, but I was told I should do a sign for it anyway.