Frightened to Death by John Humphries

The Today programme comes from the Royal Society today, discussing science and its future (move to India, they still understand its importance). One of their teaser comments for an upcoming item was “Were hundreds of Cumbrians really scared to death by fairies?” I think I missed it, so I may have to listen again to hear just that bit and see if it’s related to my own Frightened to Death by Fairies images.

Update I just caught it, and it’s the same document, from Lamplugh parish, as I based my Fairies pictures on.

And here’s the news item at BBC Cumbria- Dead funny: Archives Service digs up bizarre burial records

PS I apologise for the comment spam on some of the pictures. I try to weed it out, but I haven’t caught all of them.

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  • Meg

    Ian, have you thought about modifying the instantaneous anonymous commenting system? It just seems to invite abuse. I’m not a huge fan of typing in distorted wavy codes every time i post, and i wouldn’t expect you’d want an exclusively-spinnyhead log-in, but… something?

  • Ian

    Sadly the commenting system on the gallery is a bit primitive. It’s the one the (free) package came with and I think it’s either on or off, with no form of moderation.

    I’ve downloaded a newer version of the package and I’ll update it soon. That may help. I would hate to turn commenting off completely, and it’s only some of the pictures that are affected.

  • Ian

    They’re more mischievous than evil. It’s just that their idea of mischief can be hazardous to mere mortals.