Daily archives: January 17, 2007

Smokin' Aces

It’s not as bad as Revolver, but it’s not as good as Lucky Number Slevin. This is another gangster movie with pretensions and a twist you’ll spot from the first few minutes. However, the hillbilly assassinsn are mildly amusing and it manages to get a performance from Ben Affleck that doesn’t make you want to slap him- something I previously thought only Kevin Smith could do (see Dogma and Chasing Amy).

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Official Smokin’ Aces website.

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If I ever see you again, I will tell you why

I’m staying out for the summer
Playing games in the rain
The hills and the fortune
Got me fooled again

You see I work in a factory (I need the money)
I don’t want to be late (Though I hate this place)
I got my debts to pay for (Free me from this race)
They’re going to have to wait

Dodgy – Staying Out For The Summer
I think I’ll start posting lyrics from whichever song lodges in my head on the way in each morning.