Daily archives: February 2, 2007

Bone Machine

Molecular engines that could power nanomachines have been built at Edinburgh University.

It must be repeated continually until people pay attention- Bush’s half-arsed nod to Climate Change is not as big a step as he pretends and his plans are still useless.

Children are to be taught about climate change in geography.  Soon 13 year olds will understand the problem better than the "leader" of the free world.

Penguin is to produce a "wiki-novel".  Spinneyhead has a wiki lying around somewhere, I just haven’t got round to doing anything with it yet.

Lenny Burnside may not be afraid, but I'm terrified

I’m not terrified of the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, I accepted them a long time ago.  What worries me is that, yet again, the warnings are going to be ignored.

Send Bush, Blair and all the pro-war idiots to Iraq to deal with the mess they’ve made and bring the soldiers back to install solar water heating on all the South facing roofs they can find, that’s what I say.