Bacteria, scum and friendly fire
Anyone with OCD- don’t click the link.  Scientists have found over 200 species of bacteria on skin.

I probably shouldn’t have told you that, should I.
The government wants sex offenders to register details of their "online identity" to keep them from visiting sites popular with youngsters.  They’re called aliases for a reason, and there’s no law of the internet that says you must have only one.  Any technically adept kiddy fiddler is going to find a way around this scheme with ease.  It might work if they logged IP addresses or took the dubious step of installing spyware, but those can be circumvented as well.
It feels odd to be applauding The Sun for anything, but their publication of cockpit footage from a friendly fire incident is gutsy.  Whoever leaked the video is even braver, I can’t imagine the US military being lenient on anyone who highlights their arrogance and fear of scrutiny.