Ha! screw you!

Ha! screw you!
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After years of trying, we have finally won the pub quiz at the Old House At Home, beating the Maestro Drivers. It’s just a shame the rest of the team couldn’t be here to enjoy it. Or share our winnings.

Damian and Alex say “Ner ner nuh ner ner!”

0 thoughts on “Ha! screw you!

  • Anonymous

    Is that the old house at home in fallowfield per chance? (behind the sainsburys amongst the 2 up 2 downs?)

    Alan P

  • ikl

    As a related note… the Lass in town has a quiz on thursdays – the questions didn’t seem too challenging. Something to bear in mind for the future.

  • Alan P

    We’re usually in the Bowling Green on Grafton St on a Wednesday night… but its really quite expensive (£2.35 for Black Sheep Best!)

    Ta to you Damien for the beer!