0 Responses to Shell's Biomass to Liquid biofuels

  1. Avatar Lori V.
    Lori V. says:

    Too bad they’re still raping the land in the Niger Delta and paying blood money to silence opposition. They still have a looooong way to go to raise themselves from the muck.

  2. Avatar LocoforAgloco
    LocoforAgloco says:

    Shell is investing in Ethanol. Wood Chips and straw make ethanol not biodiesel.

    Biodiesel is made from oils, either recycled or virgin vegitable oils.

    Colusa Biomass (OCB-CLME) in CA is building a rice straw ethanol facility. They are using rice straw waste which is an environmental problem in CA and making cellulosic ethanol out of it. This is an example of sustainable biofuel production.