Daily archives: March 9, 2007

Can I ride your hydrogen bus?

Ford’s internal combustion hydrogen bus.  Definitely an interesting technology, but we need to work on less harmful ways of extracting the hydrogen in the first place

In the long term this and fuel cell technology are going to become cheaper and increasingly used in Public Service Vehicles.  It sounds like the internal combustion system, at least, is too cumbersome for smaller vehicles.

Man is 5

there was a guy
an under water guy who controlled the sea
got killed by ten million pounds of sludge
from new york and new jersey
this monkey’s gone to heaven

the creature in the sky
got sucked in a hole
now there’s a hole in the sky
and the ground’s not cold
and if the ground’s not cold
everything is gonna burn
we’ll all take turns
i’ll get mine, too
this monkey’s gone to haven

rock me joe!

if man is 5 [3x]
then the devil is 6 [5x]
then god is 7 [3x]
this monkey’s gone to heaven

Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven

Taking your top off for the environment

Keeley Hazell, the Sun’s top Page Three model has been name checked by David Cameron as a Green icon and, the Independent finds, she has the credentials to back this up.  Sex sells and if if it makes Sun readers invest in low energy bulbs that’s cool.

Keeley Hazell on Fleshbot (NSFW)

Keeley Hazell products at Amazon

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