Burnt To The Ground

Burnt To The Ground
(Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno)


Burnt to the Ground (Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno), Sunday, 3rd June, is an impromptu live music event in the Northern Quarter’s Stevenson Square – Manchester’s positive reaction to the devastation of the Dale Street fire.

Manchester events agency, Ear the to the Ground, is organising the 5000 capacity street party bringing together Manchester’s creative talent at its finest – combining music and art to bring the community together to dance in the face of adversity.

The event will raise money for the businesses left homeless by the fire and various local charities including the Fire Services Benevolent Fund.

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  • Anonymous

    How can it be impromptu? It’s planned in advance. Or is the music improvised making it more of an impromptu? Confused now.