This is the campest film I’ve seen in a while. It manages to hide a coming out tale in a spoof on Charlie’s Angels, Buffy and the like. Whilst there are few laugh out loud moments I did watch it with a smile. And it has an excellent soundtrack to boot.

DEBS are recruited from the ranks of America’s students. Special hidden questions on the SATs pinpoint young women with the skills- lying, violence, intelligence- suitable for a career in spying. They are trained at a campus populated with hot women in short plaid skirts with holographs everywhere and some sort of teleport system.

The film doesn’t quite work at first. It takes the appearance of sexy supervillainess Lucy Diamond to get into its stride. Still pining after being heartbroken she keeps itching to sink Australia as revenge. Her planned meet with a Russian assassin (who would much rather be a dancer) is actually a blind date.

A DEB team stakes out the date, along with Homeland Security, CIA, FBI and Interpol. But top student Amy has other things on her mind- she’d rather go to an art college in Barcelona and her ex-boyfriend is getting obsessive. Everything goes wrong and Amy finds herself in a stand-off with Lucy, where they start flirting.

So begins Amy’s journey of self discovery. At first denying her attraction it takes her kidnapping by the smitten Lucy for her to accept her feelings. However friends and duty get in the way and Amy has to make a choice between her new lover and everything she’s been training for.

The film is based upon a 2003 short of the same name by the same writer/director. Where do I find a copy of that, I wonder?

Update What a silly question. I can find it on YouTube, of course.

And Part Two is here.