The 12 Days of 2007 – September

The Spinneyworld store opens, it’s still not got much stock, but I’m going to start filling it.

The Art Car Parade.

Heat death of the refrigerator.

September saw the Spinneyhead trip to New York. When we landed I was dressed for a Manchester September, not the hot and sticky night we flew into. One of the first things I thought as our taxi rumbled onto the freeway was “Wow, this looks just like the streets in Midnight Club.” Traffic was heavy. In one queue a limo pulled up beside us and I could hear the familiar opening verse of “Laid” by James. No matter where you are, you can never get too far from Manchester.

Our Manhattan hotel was an eccentric dive, but the Mouse preferred the room in Rochester. The reason we were there was Harry and Meg’s wedding. Further proof that you can’t escape Manchester was the beermat in a Rochester bar telling us all about the pub we used to do the quiz in.

Pictures from the USA trip are in this set on Flickr.