Daily archives: February 13, 2008

Speed dating crowd

Speed dating crowd, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Rag held a speed dating event last night, and it seems that male students are too dumb to turn up and talk to a room full of women. So I was called in as a seat filler, or “stunt date” as I kept referring to myself. I had to stand in at all three sessions, and got to talk to over thirty girls. Tart that I am I ticked well over half of them, some of them randomly because I’d forgotten who they were by the time I got to form filling.

Young women are awfully impressed when you tell them you’re a writer, and not put off by the follow up admission that I’m not earning much from it yet. I gave two of them the url of Venn and told loads of them about my sitcom plans. Now I must wait and see if any of them were impressed enough to tick the box by my name.