MMU Degree show 2008

I’ve spent a few hours over the last few days checking out the degree show at the Manchester Metropolitan University, looking for ideas to steal. (Note to lawyers- not really.)

In fact, it felt as if some of them had been stealing ideas from me. Lots of the photographers have discovered the post industrial landscape, where I don’t remember any being that way inclined last year. And at least two people were doing stuff with toy soldiers, including one who had been leaving them around town. It was also a little depressing to see the poor standard of spelling and punctuation on some of the artist’s statements. You’d think someone would check them before they were printed and stuck to the wall.

I picked up a wad of business cards. Not all of them have websites, but I’m listing all the ones that do below-

Adam Senior
Sophie Petter A minimalist site, highlighting experiments with form in book and magazine design.
Andrew Duxbury Exercises in branding. Slightly annoying Flash bits.
Charlotte Watmough Production design. She has a blog, but it’s not been updated much.
Jonathan Wan Nice cartoony style, though it reminds me of someone else’s work.
Olivia Moss Cute illustration style that looks a lot like South Park characters.
Danielle Noel Advertising and art direction.
Katherine Aherne Good looking but Flash heavy site.
Daniel Fernandez-Arias Has created a lush looking graphic novel/multimedia western called Redemption.
Livid Thorn The colours hurt my eyes.
Ross Platt Design with a skate or recycling theme.

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  • Katherine Aherne

    Thanks for linking my website. Its actually all html and javascript, only the movies themselves are in flash. But the code does need optimising to make it faster. Katherine xx