Daily archives: July 11, 2008

Thought dumps

A couple of random things that have been in my head for the last few days but haven’t coalesced into anything long enough to post by themselves-

We need leaders, but what we get are politicians.

Fundamentalist levels of danger: individually, Islamic fundamentalists are more evil, but they’re not going to destroy our society unless we help them. Collectively, Christian fundamentalists are far more dangerous, because they exert an influence on the US and other western governments far out of proportion to their grasp on reality.

Plus- I just challenged the Daily Express to send me a journalist I could take cycling around Manchester. I don’t think they will, but you never know until you try. Next week the Daily Mail.

The return of UK North?

Probably not. The Traffic Commissioner will today announce her decision on whether the owners of deadly but defunct bus company UK North can ever run a similar business. In the unlikely event that she says yes we still have a year or so of safety as they were sentenced to 15 months each for their dangerous business practices.